Friday, December 5, 2008

End of the Semester

I enjoyed this semester and learning where our profession came from and all the things that have influenced it. I find a lot more inspiration and insight in everyday things after learning so much about the history of architecture, art, music, society, politics, and the world's history in general. I can't wait for next semester when we learn about artists and graphic designers that are working right now. So thanks to all my blog mates for the great conversation and for teaching me many interesting and diverse things. You never know, bloggers in five or a hundred years could be writing about how we influenced the graphic design world. At least I hope they do. Thanks and I hope everyone has a great break.

Any I would like to extend an invitation for everyone to come and see my art exhibit. My work will fill the entire space for the month of January. The place is called Cooper Ella's Cafe. It's in Maplewood on Sutton Blvd, just south of Manchester Road. They have Kaldi's coffee and great desserts and the space is really unique. Click here for directions.


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