Monday, October 6, 2008

World War I

I found a whole bunch of images of the posters from World War I. This propaganda is both interesting to look at and informational about the time period. The first two images are from Australian propaganda and the second two images are from British propaganda. These posters were designed and distributed in order to evoke high emotion from the country's people that they served. They were highly responsive. This is why multiple countries used the same visual quality because they were already proven to work.

I found a lot of information about Australia and their experience during and after the war. Several books say that Australia gained its identity after their soldiers returned from the war. The war did change the network and structure of several countries, including Australia. Australia's history includes many diverse events, but the landing of Australian troops at Gallipoli is still considered one of Australia's defining moments in history. The country was called to help defend Britain and they did so. They used war posters in order to gain interest from their people and were able to help accordingly.


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