Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Apple Today

When we talked about Apple in class, we only discussed the Mac and how it influenced society by introducing a new technology. I wanted to address Apple's advertisements and the graphic design that they use. Just about everyone has seen an Apple commercial, whether it be for a Mac, iPod, iPhone, etc. As far as I can remember, Apple has some of the most memorable commercials and ads. The company shows you the product, but more importantly they show you how it is used. Each commercial shows the different features of the product by actually using it. Cleaning products and toys often show the product in use, but Apple does it for electronics in a very successful way.

Other companies have latched on to style and visual properties that Apple commercials have. The new Touchsmart Pc by HP shows a person using the product. All of the new phones from LG, Samsung, and Blackberry do the same thing. I remember older Blackberry commercials that were visually pleasing but were only concepts that represented the "essence" of the product (the phone being built out of people or places, etc).

Apple's website, commercials, ads, product packaging, and products are all very clean and sharp. They only show the necessary information, so viewers are not overloaded with images or information. This is smart because typical viewers tend to be put off from sensory overload. Neutral colors and sans-serif fonts are used so that the products really shine. Apple uses simplicity and classic visual elements in such a way that it is copied by many.




April G. said...

Possibly these designs were influenced by the "object poster"/Sachplakat way of designing - showing the object and the information telling us what it is. Minimal, and not overloading the viewer with information.

gdhistory anderson becker carter said...

It is really interesting to see how the ads have changed so fast. It really has not been that long since apple was introduced. The ads. really changed fast.