Wednesday, November 12, 2008


We discussed the international style and its effect on corporate identity. I thought that I would explore corporate identity today and how important it is for businesses. The importance of graphic designers and corporations is growing more important because of the economic state of the times. Graphic design has proved to be a very powerful tool in influencing the public. I looked over Target's website and below are some of my observations.

1. Target's website utilizes white space, grid and sans serif typefaces. This is a direct result of how work from the International Style looked.

2. The website has contrast themes within the color and advertisements. They emphasize red and white as well as products of all kinds that wouldn't normally go together being put together in
their advertisements. This also goes along with the Swiss and the stylistic elements that they used in their work.

3. One of Target's main slogan is "Design for All"

This is the most telling. The Swiss International Style first emerged because of a need for clarity and versatility as well as a need to be understood by all different types of people. Target focuses their products to everyone of everyone background and nationality. They even have line of products call Global Bazaar which highlights the products of countries all over the world.

I have included images directly from Target's website to show specific examples of their corporate identity and how linked it is to the International Style. Target even put the following information on their site, "96%: The percentage of people who recognize the Bullseye, even nudging out Apple and the Nike swoosh." This shows the true power of a company's identity and how it can improve their business.

Please go to and look around. The entire site is clean, professional, and reminiscent of the International Style.



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