Sunday, September 14, 2008

Industrial Revolution Poster

The advertisement I found is for a masked ball, and created by Jules Cheret. Along with other posters and advertisements from this era, there are several colors and movements happenings. Even though the colors help catch the viewers' eyes, it could be toned down a bit. The capitalized fonts also show that this advertisement is during the Industrial Revolution. I like how Cheret made the people look energetic, which is how one should feel when going to a ball.
As a designer, I would want to focus on tuning everything down a notch or two. The lettering doesn't have to be so big and bold, and there isn't always a need for a large color palette. Cheret has been called "the father of the modern poster," and I think he could vary his style as compared to others to make himself stand out even more.
sources: Britannica Encyclopedia Online


gdhistory anderson becker carter said...

I think this is a great example. I also agree that ther colors should be toned down too.

April G. said...

I think the colors work really well for this piece. If the colors were muted, I don't think it would set the tone for the event. To me, the poster conveys a feeling of excitement and the characters shown are colorful in their own right. From what I've read this was likely an outdoor advertisement, which would need to grab the attention of people passing by. The colors used probably did just that.

I found this on Chéret and the poster, there is some very interesting info here -