Friday, September 19, 2008

Wash U. Book Collection

The book I chose to write about was a more contemporary piece. I really thought this book was very interesting. Although there was no text I found the visual components to be very interesting. There was a lot of texture to this piece. The texture was not only visible texture, but it was also physical. Each page was a different image that was printed on it. There was different materials used, collage, bright colors, and was also separate pages that were rubber. I thought that was very unique in the book design. It was interesting to see how the designer put all of the elements of the piece together. I really enjoyed looking at this piece.

This is one example page of the book. I thought this page was interesting do to the fact of the use of texture and the bold colors that were printed on the page.

This is also another example page from the book. This example shows the use of rubber in the book design. There was a jagged hole cut out in the center, to be able to view the image on the next page.

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April G. said...

This book was really neat. I loved the use of rubber as pages. It almost looked like each page was hand painted and each book hand assembled. Did it say that 20 copies were made? I don't quite remember. Maybe more than that. There were a lot of really creative contemporary examples to view.