Sunday, September 7, 2008

Stempel Schneidler

Bernini and the art of architecture is a book I found on the AIGA website. It was designed in 1998 and the type is Stempel Schneidler. Which is a typeface which is related to the humanist type.

This a book cover of Bernini's Architecture, printed in the Stempel Schneidler typeface. This specific type is based off of the humanist type we discussed in class. It appears very scholarly. Stempel Schneidler has characteristics relating to the humanist type in the aspect that there is a low contrast in the thick and thin strokes.

The choice of the type really makes you understand that this book is full of knowledge and creativity, and it really makes you want to open it up and look inside.

Stempel Schneidler also relates well to the humanist type due to the fact that, the humanist type was used to imitate the Renaissance scholars handwriting. Bernini was an Italian artist who was a great architect and scholar so the type really reflects those aspects.

(This image to the left is an example of the Stempel Schneidler typeface.)


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