Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rare Book Collection

As a whole, I thought the Rare Book Collection at Wash U was very fascinating and thought provoking.  Although the older books were very interesting, I leaned more towards the contemporary books.  I think the contemporary books grabbed my eyes more because of the colors, patterns, and different fonts used.  I can't recall the name of the book shown in the picture I uploaded, but I chose this picture mainly because of the colors and textures used.  When I first caught a glimpse of this page, I thought it was the alphabet printed extremely large.  However, I was wrong.  I can't completely make out what the page says, but you can see the words "out" and "eyes" and towards the middle of the page in light colored wording you can read, "they fear nothing on......except that the sky should fall."  Also, seeing the Gutenberg Bible first handedly was wonderful.  The color used was so dark, pictures don't do it justice.  

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