Sunday, September 14, 2008

Victorian Advertisement

This is an advertisement from the Victorian Era, of Birds Crystal Jelly Powder. Assuming this is some type of "Jell-o". In this ad there are a couple different typefaces which would be a good identifier for the Victorian Era. Also all of the children have the rosy cheeks, and look just a little too happy. I really think that this era just provided advertisement with a little too much activity going on in each ad. It feels really cluttered and it is difficult to really get the main idea of the ad. Although this ad is pretty direct, there are still some confusing points to it. Most of the ads that I looked at had multiple points to them (or they made you think they did). Which could be another good identifier for this era.

If I were a designer in this era the next idea I would bring is a more simplistic one. I would use less typefaces and try to keep the viewer in one direction. I would also stick to more simplistic colors, to really get my point across. Finally I would pick one major idea for the ad and go for it, by doing this there would not be so much confusion and there would not be so much going on in each ad.

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April G. said...

These kids are so excited to be sitting around a mountain of gelatin! I love this piece. The colors are vibrant and the yellow "Crystal Jelly" stands out great on the dark background. It is definitely the focal point of the ad. The kids on the top left look like they are asking for more, but none of them appear to have jello on their plates. It looks a bit like cake? All-in-all, I think this is a great example of Victorian advertising that didn't try to hard to squish in tons of information. It's simple, attention grabbing, and gets the point across.